This is it! Everything - all our apparel in one place! You can view our full range of products below. We're adding to the collections when we source new items - bear with us! Our products are specifically designed for women (by women) who spend more time in the saddle than anywhere else. If you have any questions about any of our products, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you! 


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Women's Navy Cycling Bib ShortsWomen's Navy Cycling Bib Shorts
Womens NeckwarmersWomens Neckwarmers
Womens Neckwarmers Sale price€15.00

2 colors available

Bwee Women's Cycling JerseyBwee Women's Cycling Jersey
Bwee Women's Cycling Jersey Sale price€90.00
Sunset Women's Cycling JerseySunset Women's Cycling Jersey
Women's Black Cycling Bib ShortsWomen's Black Cycling Bib Shorts
Indy Women's Cycling JerseyIndy Women's Cycling Jersey
Indy Women's Cycling Jersey Sale price€90.00
Orange Ombré Women's Cycling JerseyOrange Ombré Women's Cycling Jersey
NeonVelo Women's Cycling JerseyNeonVelo Women's Cycling Jersey
Kingfisher Women's Cycling JerseyKingfisher Women's Cycling Jersey
Blue Ombré Women's Cycling JerseyBlue Ombré Women's Cycling Jersey
Aquavelo Bundle - Save €25Aquavelo Bundle - Save €25
Aquavelo Bundle - Save €25 Sale price€200.00
Sunset Bundle - Save €25Sunset Bundle - Save €25
Sunset Bundle - Save €25 Sale price€200.00
Indy Bundle - Save €25Indy Bundle - Save €25
Indy Bundle - Save €25 Sale price€200.00
Flamingo Bundle - Save €25Flamingo Bundle - Save €25
Flamingo Bundle - Save €25 Sale price€200.00
Orange Ombré Bundle - Save €25Orange Ombré Bundle - Save €25
Bwee Bundle - Save €25Bwee Bundle - Save €25
Bwee Bundle - Save €25 Sale price€200.00
Cycling SocksCycling Socks
Cycling Socks Sale price€15.00

3 colors available

Women's Windproof Cycling JacketWomen's Windproof Cycling Jacket
Women's Windproof Cycling GiletWomen's Windproof Cycling Gilet
VeloFlamingo Gift Card
VeloFlamingo Gift Card Sale priceFrom €25.00
Proudly Pink Women's Cycling JerseyProudly Pink Women's Cycling Jersey
Flamingo Pink Women's Cycling JerseyFlamingo Pink Women's Cycling Jersey
Carrick CoatCarrick Coat
Carrick Coat Sale price€175.00
AquaVelo Women's Cycling JerseyAquaVelo Women's Cycling Jersey