The VeloFlamingo Story

When it comes to cycling, it’s not just about getting from A to B. It’s about the sense of freedom. The ability to choose your own route, your own adventure (and favourite coffee stop), on your own terms.

The team in VeloFlamingo is obsessed with cycling. We live for the next spin, the next climb, the next adventure. Wherever our bikes take us. That’s where VeloFlamingo was born - out on a spin, climbing the hills of Wicklow in Ireland, looking forward to the descent (and our favourite coffee stop)!

Our passion for cycling took us on a new adventure during lockdown. When our ability to cycle long distances was curtailed, due to restrictions, our founder, Tara, decided to make VeloFlamingo go the distance instead. Tara poured her knowledge of cycling into finding the best quality materials and perfect fit for a new range of women’s cycling apparel. Created for women by women.

Demand Quality

All of our clothing is manufactured, checked and packed in the EU. Each order is dispatched from our base here in Dublin, Ireland. Every single item that leaves our warehouse is as special as the rider who will wear it. We hope you enjoy wearing it on your next cycling adventure (and tag us too, please so we can go with you virtually #veloflamingo).

VeloFlamingo apparel is driven by a desire to produce quality clothing, specifically cut for female cyclists and made from quality fabric so you can go the distance (in comfort). VeloFlamingo will keep up with the demands of every female rider, no matter her level, experience or expertise. We stand (or ride), for comfort and performance, ensuring that wherever your next adventure is, you’re dressed for the occasion.

About Tara, founder of VeloFlamingo

Tara Nelson Velo Flamingo FounderBeing an experienced cyclist who averages 10,000 kilometres per year, Tara knows a thing or two about what goes into great cycling gear (and how uncomfortable it is when it isn’t). As an Irish long distance and track cyclist who lives and breathes cycling, Tara has an excessive amount of cycling jerseys that is only matched by her weekly mileage in the saddle! All this experience taught her that your kit matters and if it’s not right, nothing is. The quality material and superior fit reflect the demands Tara places on her apparel and the colours are a reflection of her belief that cycling is a joyous activity that brings out the happiest moments for so many of us.

We hope to see more of you on a spin soon, in the meantime, please tag us on social (#veloflamingo), so we can say hello (and check out your Strava times!).