Be Bold and Bright!

Be Bold and Bright!

Here we are in the depths of winter and at this time of the year, it’s so easy just to hop on the turbo and do a quick few hours training at home on Zwift but honestly (and we know you’ll agree!) there is nothing better than jumping on your REAL bike and heading out for a spin and to catch up with friends (and drink copious amounts of coffee!)

Winter cycling can be a fabulous experience, with crisp air and serene landscapes. However, it also brings challenges, particularly when it comes to being visible on the roads - whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, being seen by motorists is crucial for a safe ride. As the proud owner of a business specialising in women's cycling clothing, we really do understand the importance of safety when out cycling and have unfortunately been on the receiving end of so many near misses from careless drivers so we made it our business to become even more visible and to ensure our cycling clothing was as colourful and noticeable as possible! 

Winter days are shorter, and nights are longer, reducing the natural daylight available for cyclists. This means more time spent riding in low-light conditions or complete darkness. As someone passionate about cycling, you've probably experienced the thrill of a night ride, but safety should always come first!  Enter the humble bicycle light – a cyclist's best friend during winter.  Bike lights are not just accessories; they're essential safety tools. They illuminate the path ahead and make cyclists visible to other road users.  And don’t forget that rear red light (yes red.  Not white or orange.  Red!) - their little beam makes sure traffic sees you when coming at you from behind.  We are always surprised to see so many cyclists out on dark evenings with no bike lights on!  Being visible isn't only for your safety; it's about looking out for your fellow road warriors too.  By making yourself noticeable, you're contributing to a safer environment for everyone. 

Hi viz clothing?   Yes.  It’s not the most stylish looking gear to wear but we cannot emphasise how bloody important it is.  Picture this: a flash of neon or a burst of colour catching the driver's eye even in the dimmest conditions.  Ensuring you are seen by other road users is a win-win situation (and let's talk about our windproof coat (a shameless plug but there ye go) – the one with a neon-striped sleeve.  It's not just a fashion-forward choice; it's a smart one. That neon stripe on the right hand side acts like a beacon, making you unmissable on those dull winter day spins - have a looky look HERE).  While classic black may be a staple in so many cyclists wardrobes, vivid hues not only make a style statement but also enhance visibility.

Neon Sleeve Windproof Jacket

Join the Visibility Movement

So, fellow riders, let's make a statement – not just on the roads but for the love of our sport. Embrace the vibrant colours, don the neon stripes, and don’t forget to stay visible this winter!

Stay safe, and happy cycling! 🌈🚴‍♀️

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