Work. Rest. Play.

Work.  Rest.  Play.
We all know the thrill of the wind in our hair as we conquer the roads, pushing our limits and breaking barriers on our trusty bikes.  But here's a little secret: it's perfectly okay to hit the brakes and take a breather.  In fact, it's not just okay – it's essential.  For so many of us, social media features in our day to day lives and especially at this time of year there is a big PUSH PUSH PUSH to be active, to diet, to give up alcohol, to do this, to do that.  Your Instagram feeds are full of people being active day in day out.  But hold on just one second……..take a pause and have a little read of these next few words. 
Wake up and work out
Why Rest Days Matter: Mind and Body Harmony
Cycling is not just about building those killer quads so that you can be a bit of an animal on every attack in every race, it's a holistic journey that involves both body and mind.  Your muscles need time to recover and repair so that you can come back stronger.  But it's not just your legs that benefit from a break – your mental well-being craves it too.  Picture this: a peaceful day off the saddle, giving your mind the space to unwind.  Whether it's indulging in a good book, trying out a new yoga pose or catching up on your favourite Netflix series, rest days are your ticket to a recharge.  Your body and mind are a team, and they perform best when they're in sync.  I recently took up yoga and go twice a week to a local studio and the feeling of calm after a slow flow session is unreal - it brings a real sense of peace to my body.  
Yoga Zen
The Social Connection
Yes, we love our solo and group rides, but don't let your active lifestyle become a one-woman show.  Share your cycling adventures, but also share a cup of coffee with a non cycling friend.  Maintaining a social circle is the key to a balanced and happy life.  There is a world out there which doesn’t revolve around a trusty two wheeled steed, don’t forget to be part of that too.
Coffee and cakes with friends
Ladies, let's redefine the cycling game.  It's not just about the kilometres conquered, it's about the moments of “pause” that make those rides even more memorable.  Embrace the power of rest, stay connected, and rock your cycling journey like the awesome woman that you are.
Let's tip our cycling caps to pedal power, restful days, and the perfect balance between the two!
Stay safe, and happy cycling! 🌈🚴‍♀️

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