Women's Windproof Cycling Gilet

Sale price€75.00
Size: M

The gilet is the secret weapon of every seasoned cyclist. When you discover a gilet, it’s like the epic moment in a James Bond film where “Q” pulls out something spectacular from his repertoire of gadgets. 

Just like that epic gadget from “Q”. your gilet becomes a gadget that rolls up neatly into your jersey pocket, ready to go when the wind picks up on a hill descent or you’re just feeling that post-coffee stop nip in the air. It may not be waterproof (not even “Q” could manage that), but it’s got superior levels of wind resistance and that makes a world of difference. 

Our lightweight and windproof gilet is an essential part of your cycling wardrobe. Small but mighty, our gilet packs a punch and can be rolled into the perfect jersey pocket size. Nice and easy to stow away when no longer required but easily accessible when it is! 

Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large, the gilets are designed to fit over our jerseys so if your jersey size is Large, then simply pick the Large size gilet.

Our gilets have:

  • A lightweight, 3 layer front panel providing extra protection against wind. 
  • YKK zipper (easy open and close zip which has a clever “lock in place” mechanism to stop it flapping about on your ride! 
  • An elasticated hem, so your gilet stays where it should - and not ride up where it shouldn't. 
  • As a nod to our traditional stripey sleeve designs, one shoulder of this navy gilet has neon stripes for a bit of extra visibility when you are out and about.
  • Made in the EU (that means designed, sewn, packed and distributed). 
  • Tested by our founder Tara, who cycles a ridiculous amount, ensuring every product has been put through its paces.