Maria Waterproof Jacket

Sale price€230.00
Size: Medium

The cycling jacket you've been dreaming of is finally here. This beauty tackles the worst downpours and wind gusts with ease, so you can focus on your cycling.

Made with a crazy-light, innovative membrane (think: superhero cape, but for rain), this jacket boasts a water column of less than 20,000mm. That's a fancy way of saying it'll keep you drier than a duck in a… well, you get it.

Every seam is meticulously taped to seal out any sneaky moisture, and the back's even a little longer to protect your precious cargo (your buns, that is). Basically, this jacket is your BFF for any cycling adventure, rain or shine. Ride on!

In addition to being tailored specifically for women, “THE” Jacket has:

  • Exceptional water column score of less than 20,000mm giving maximum protection from the elements
  • Two-way zipper giving extra comfort enabling greater ventilation control and easy access to jersey pockets
  • Fully tape-sealed seams prevent water ingress through the stitching even in the worst conditions
  • Underlaid waterproof zipper will also help keep the rain out
  • Low tail to keep road spray at bay and keep you dry
  • Reflective elements for increased visibility

How come this jacket is so good?

The three-layer eVENT® membrane is highly resistant to rain and wind with a water column of 20,000mm. The eVENT® membrane is also unique in that it uses its own patented Direct Venting™ dry system technology. This technology enables sweat to immediately evaporate through millions of microscopic holes of the membrane without overheating the body.

eVent fabrics revolutionized waterproof apparel with the introduction of an air permeable waterproof membrane. With billions of microscopic pores that are too small for moisture to penetrate from the outside, our proprietary waterproof membrane instantly vents the heat and sweat that you generate when you are cycling. It helps reduce the temperature swings your body experiences during physical exertion.