Hannah Long Sleeve Jersey

Sale price€140.00
Size: Large

Beat the chill and ride strong with our long sleeve jersey, designed specifically for women cyclists. This isn't your average long sleeve jersey though – it's built with adventure in mind.

It’s time to say goodbye to goosebumps and hello to being cosy! The innovative Andorra material combines warmth with breathability. It's like a blanket that lets your body breathe, keeping you comfortable on those crisp mornings and chilly evenings.

Three roomy back pockets hold your essentials – gels, phone, snackies – while a hidden pocket with a small opening lets you thread your earbuds through for tangle-free listening. Plus, a handy key hook keeps your keys secure (we’ve all had those OMG where are they moments when you get home from a long day on the bike!). Reflective elements strategically placed on the jersey boost your visibility in low-light conditions and a silicone elastic waistband keeps the jersey securely in place, no matter how bumpy the terrain gets.

Built to last, wash after wash: This jersey is crafted with durable, easy-care materials that stretch with you and retain their shape and isn’t just about warmth, it’s about comfort too.

In addition to being tailored specifically for women, our long sleeve jerseys have:

  • Long hidden zipper to ensure continuity of designs
  • Silicon waistband to prevent the jersey from riding up
  • Lightweight, stretchy materials guarantee perfect comfort while you are out on the move.