My First Blog Post - Not by Fisher Price

My First Blog Post - Not by Fisher Price
A Fisher Price sounding title, but it’s really an important one.

Let me introduce myself again - in case you missed me! I'm stupidly excited to launch my new site and a new range too!

Some of you have been with me since the start. Some of you are new (welcome and hello!). Let me introduce myself again for those of you that don't know me!

I'm Tara. I'm Irish. I'm originally a long distance cyclist and have taken part in far too many audaxes than I care to remember, including Paris-Brest-Paris in 2019 (what an event, and a story for another day!).

I started cycling with a club here in Dublin in 2016 and have never looked back! I was a heavy smoker at the time and once I discovered how much I loved cycling, I knew that I had to give up cigarettes if I wanted to be able to keep up with my club mates and improve my health. The incentive to give up smoking was bizarre - for every month I didn’t smoke, I saved the money and treated myself to a new cycling jersey. Fast forward a few years later and my wardrobes were bulging with cycling clothing but none of it was what I wanted to be wearing and I wasn’t seeing much nice female cycling clothing about the place.

My passion for cycling took me on a new adventure during lockdown. In February 2020 a friend and I decided to give track cycling a go. We weren’t sure what to expect (was it really all just cycling round and round and round??). We loved it. Instantly. It was addictive already! We managed a few sessions with the coaches at the track when disaster struck. Covid. Yup. When the ability to cycle was put on hold, I took an idea that had been festering in my head for quite some time and out of that idea, VeloFlamingo was born.

I spent hours researching clothing and contacting companies about getting some designs produced and in June 2020, I hit the jackpot and everything fell into place. The first jerseys arrived. I wasn’t allowed to hug the DPD guy because of Covid but he saw my ridiculously happy face and gave me a tip of his cap. That’s when it all began.

And here I am today writing a blog. On my very own website.

It’s like a dream come true to be able to offer other female cyclists colourful, flattering and comfortable cycling clothing that will fit their bodies beautifully.

The journey continues…… keep in touch.

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